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Going through pregnancy equals going through numerous bodily changes. Sometimes, this can be painful and cause some discomfort. Common hardships that pregnant women have to endure are heartburn, leg cramps, swelling in the feet and ankles and, of course, pelvic pain. Fortunately, there are ways of decreasing these side effects, or removing them completely.

What is Reflexology?

Reflexology is a special type of massage, being a complementary therapy bound to help future mothers restore their bodily balance. Reflexology dates back 5,000 years. It was used in ancient Egypt, India and China.

Basically, this massaging therapy rests its effectiveness upon the fact that through applying gentle pressure to one's feet, the therapist can affect any organ in the body, since organs are all connected. Maternity reflexology is a modified version of the therapy, made for future mothers. Thus, it is very gentle and focuses on specific organs and parts of body which are known to get out of balance during pregnancy. In fact, this therapy has managed to help numerous women get better and endure all the hardships that have bothered them while they waited for their baby.

Diary of Reflexology

Women may come to therapists complaining about different combinations of health problems during their pregnancy. Some of them may have leg cramps, along with heartburn and uncomfortable contractions. Weekly treatments are ideal for such cases since these are very relaxing and regenerating. As soon as the treatment starts, leg cramps are bound to disappear and heartburn is likely to become less prominent. Yet, there can be cases when some of the negative symptoms remain present. Nevertheless, reflexology patients usually go through a quick, safe and relatively painless labor.

Back ache is also a common woe of pregnant women. Fortunately, reflexology can be helpful here as well, so there is no need for pills and their side-effects.

For women who suffer from swollen feet and ankles, there are certain reflexology techniques which are specifically designed for reducing edema. Once the edema is reduced, the treatment can continue making the woman feel even more comfortable and relaxing her completely. All in all, during pregnancy, all women deserve to be pampered and relaxed.

That is why many women decide to undergo maternity reflexology therapy even when they are not suffering from any ailments. Many therapists can incorporate self-hypnosis CDs into their therapy and help patients achieve even greater levels of relaxation.

All in all, maternal reflexology is there to help all the pregnant women get through this blessed period optimally.

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