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People often feel pain in their muscles and have the difficulties in relaxing them. When this happens they seek help and the usual thing that eases their pain is a massage. One type of a massage is myofascial release massage. This is a method that was very popular in the 90's and ever since many individuals benefit from it.

The meaning of myofascial

The word myofascial origins from Latin language where myo means muscle and fascia means elastic. This massage method is not that similar with other massages. First of all it is focused more on stretching than on pressing muscles. It also involves tendons, bones and other inelastic tissues, so it is not only focused on muscles. With the help of light, easy and tender massage all of these tissues are easily stretched and released. This technique lies on the thought that a person is keeping the tensity in the painful muscles and that is the main reason of muscle stiffness. A massage that is continual and gentle will help the muscles to relax and become elastic again.How this massage works?

This type of massage is completely adjusted to the client. The therapist massages or stretches the whole body at the beginning so that he could see what are the affected areas. After he notices what are the places that need attention, he will begin with stretching your muscles. This part of the massage is can be vivid but the client mustn't feel any pain. During this process, deep breathing is also trained. The therapist can even use some instrument to help you. You may experience pain after the session but it will go away after few days. Who is this massage for?

This massage is helpful in many health conditions. It is very intensive and relaxing, so those who like the sound of it should definitely try it. Those who have fibromyalgia or pain in their back are usually advised to go to myofascial release massage. Any kind of problems with muscles can be relieved with the help of this technique. It is also very good for relieving pain. Since this massage engages your body, you should first visit a doctor so that he could tell you whether you are capable to go to myofascial release massage. You must find the right person for this massage. It would be best to visit sports medicine specialist or specialist with a license for this type of massage in order to benefit the most from the treatment.

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