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Circular red rash on someone’s skin may be caused by several different reasons. According to the cause, we can differentiate two distinctive types of skin rashes, those which appear because of some allergic reaction on the skin or skin rashes associated with infections caused by certain microorganisms.

Skin Rash Caused by Allergic Reactions

People allergic to some plants or animals frequently report circular red rash on the skin, accompanied by certain amount of discomfort and pain. Cause of this allergic reaction on the skin may be a contact with some animals which secrete poisons or are abrasive to human skin. In some patients, contact with poison ivy or some other plant they are allergic to, may also cause prominent circular rash and plenty of pain.

Some inherited disorders, allergies and different medical conditions such as eczemas may also cause circular skin rash and these can be resolved with some anti-eczema lotions.

This rash should not be washed, because allergen may spread further and affect larger portions of the skin. If you notice similar symptoms, always ask your doctor what to do. OTC (over the counter) remedies and relief creams might be a temporary fix for this problem, so ask your pharmacist or your doctor what you should use.

Infection-Provoked Skin Rash

People suffering from circular red skin rash caused by some infection often report this problem as more painful and serious than allergic skin rash. Skin rash as a result of an infection may be caused by diabetes, ringworm or even by Lyme disease, among other things.

Diabetes is disorder known to cause problems with blood vessels and many other tissues and organs in the body. Diabetic dermopathy is characterized by changes in the skin near damaged blood vessels due to diabetes. This rash often affects legs of diabetic patients and it can turn to brown. This condition is completely pain free and does not require any treatment.

Ringworm infection is also one of possible explanations of circular red rash on your skin. This is actually a fungal infection of the skin and it can be sorted out with some mild anti-fungal creams.

Lyme disease is a disease transferred to humans by bites of ticks infected with Borrelia burgdorferi. These bites transfer the bacterium into the human skin and may cause circular red rash. Symptoms of Lyme disease may be neglected or misinterpreted as flu, since they are very alike. Patients may experience tiredness, fever, joint pain, muscle stiffness and some other flu-like symptoms. However, circular red rash located on the chest, arms, legs or anywhere else on the skin usually indicates Lyme disease.

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