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Introduction to bloodshot eyes

When people have red eyes it is usually said that they are bloodshot. This occurs when the blood vessels that are located in the eyes become enlarged and congested with blood.

This usually results due to an inflammation of the eyes. The blood vessels in the eyes get inflamed for various reasons. This sometimes occurs when a person has a cold or the flu. It can be also caused by eye fatigue, eye strain, and an overexposure of the eyes to the sun.

Exposure to toxic substances and allergens can also cause bloodshot eyes.

Sometimes a bacterial infection such as conjunctivitis, blepharitis or glaucoma can cause red eyes as well.

People who wear contact lenses are more prone to irritating their eyes and having bloodshot eyes as well.

In fact, any type of irritation or injury of the eye will cause it to turn red.

Also, nutritional deficiencies and consuming too much alcohol can also lead to bloodshot eyes.


When a person has bloodshot eyes, it is definitely the symptom of some kind of health disorder.

Blepharitis is a condition in which bloodshot eyes are accompanied with other symptoms such as an itching of the eyelid, soreness of the eyes and a discharge coming from the eyes. If the eye is dry and twitching, this might mean that as person has been wearing their contact lenses for too long without taking them out and cleaning them.

Red eyes can also be caused by a bacterial infection such as conjunctivitis. The symptoms that accompany the condition are usually mild eye pain and itching sensations.

If the eye pain is extreme then it is probably a much more serious problem, such as a corneal ulceration.

When blurred vision accompanies the bloodshot eyes, there could be serious problems. It is probably some kind of ocular disease that is causing the blurred vision.

If a person is also seeing colored halos, this means that it could be corneal edema. Eye pain, redness, photophobia and extreme sensitivity towards light means that a person could have an acute case of glaucoma.


The first thing to do is to use an ice pack as a cold compress in order to get rid of the pain and the swelling that may or may not be accompanying the redness.

This will help to get rid of the redness as well because it will soothe the blood vessels in the eye.

Try mixing some eye washing solution with water and washing the eyes with it, this may help with the symptoms as well.

If there are more serious symptoms, such as severe pain, blurred vision, greasy discharges and light sensitivity, then it is best to see a doctor first.

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