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Erectile dysfunction is a condition which affects men, manifesting through one's inability to achieve or maintain the erection levels necessary for a sexual intercourse. This problem can manifest through several occurrences. Namely, a person may be capable of having an erection, but lose it after penetration. Alternatively, he might achieve an erection too weak for penetration. Finally, he might not be able to achieve erected state of the penis at all.

This disability can lead to numerous emotional and mental problems, triggering depression, relationship issues and lack of self-esteem.

Physical Reasons behind Erectile Dysfunction in Men

Many people believe that all reasons behind erectile dysfunction lie behind the psychology of the suffering male. However, this is not true, since the complex bodily system in charge of erection and sexual function per se can be affected by numerous physical problems as well. Furthermore, diseases and other underlying health problems can prevent a man from having an erection too.

When young men are suffering from erectile dysfunction, their problem is commonly provoked by heart conditions, atherosclerosis, hypertension, diabetes, excessive body weight or metabolic syndromes.

Sometimes, young men may suffer from this notorious phenomenon due to the fact that they take drugs, certain types of medications, tobacco or alcohol in excessive amounts. Also, they might be suffering from Parkinson's disease or multiple sclerosis, since these two illnesses are known to be related to sexual dysfunction.

In some cases, sexual dysfunction of this type may stem from a surgery that has recently been conducted on the affected patient, especially if he is recuperating from spinal or pelvic operation. Additionally, hormonal imbalances, regarding the thyroid gland, can be behind erectile dysfunction too.

Finally, Peyronie's disease is yet another condition delivering the same, undesirable effect.

Psychological Reasons behind Erectile Dysfunction in Men

Young men may be excessively anxious or nervous before they indulge in sexual intercourse. This can easily lead to lack of erection. Some males fear that the condom will snap and that they will make the partner pregnant. All these factors may sabotage the erection.

Biologically, the brain is the tool behind every erection a man has. So, when the brain is tired, stressed or depressed, erection may be impossible. In some cases, even relationship quarrels and problems may deprive the man of his ability to become and stay sexually aroused and erected.

Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction in Men

The erectile dysfunction treatment depends on the underlying cause. Thus, it may involve medications, surgery, psychological counseling and many other approaches. Additionally, numerous over-the-counter methods are available, helping people overcome their erectile dysfunction.

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