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Are you thinking of getting inked? Of course, you want your art to be truly beautiful and you want to be safe while getting the tattoo. Here are some questions to ask... yourself, the tattoo artists and perhaps some other people, before you take that bold step!

1. What would this tattoo look like in 20 years time?

Is there any reason to think you will dislike the actual design, or even find it offensive? Are you sticking with the safe spots that don t change much, like your shoulder blades, back, and legs? Or are you thinking of getting a tattoo on your abdomen? If you are, are you absolutely sure you will not mind the way it changes later on?

2. How professional is my tattoo artist?

This big question really hides lots of smaller questions. Does your artist use sterile needles, and follow other safety regulations? What are their qualifications and are they affiliated with any professional organization? How long have they been in business? Can you see work samples? What will happen if you are not happy with the work? Their answers will tell you a lot about the studio.

3. What does google say about your tattoo studio?

Look up reviews on the internet before going ahead. The chances are that you will get a lot of information from the tattoo studio s previous customers.

4. Will this tattoo affect my career or social life?

This seems like a stupid question in this day and age. But believe it or not, plenty of people still have prejudices against those with tattoos. I have four tattoos, and while they can be very visible, a business suit will hide all of them. If you are in a line of work where this matters, or you even think this kind of situation may occur in the future, this is something you may want to think about. You may just like the opportunity to hide that tat from your grandma too :).

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