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Many people experience uncomfortable feeling of stomach bloating after meals. This condition may be very distressful because the people with it cannot normally perform their activities.

Symptoms and causes of queasy stomach

One of the most common causes of this stomach disorder is dysmotility. It is a condition marked by the constant feeling of fullness in the stomach, as well as bloating and queasy stomach. Sometimes, even a dull ache may appear. When dysmotility occurs, it means that the person’s digestive system is not functioning properly, or that it is very slow. In case of dysmotility, the foods stay in the stomach for long period of time instead to proceed to the intestines. The main causes of dysmotility are regular and excessive consuming of alcohol, as well as consuming foods after midnight or consuming rich fatty foods. Furthermore, dysmotility may be caused by the irregular meals.One of the symptoms of queasy stomach is nausea. This condition is very uncomfortable and we experience it in the pit of the stomach. Sometimes, those people who have nausea may feel fullness in the stomach and ringing in the head. Nausea is frequently followed by vomiting.Dyspepsia is a medical term for indigestion. This disorder usually goes together with a feeling of fullness in the stomach and pain in the upper abdomen. The most frequent causes of indigestion are digestive tract disorders, such as gastroesophageal reflux disease, peptic ulcer disease and cancer, as well as abnormal functioning of the pancreas and bile ducts.Queasy stomach may also cause acidity, which refers to the excessive production of the stomach acids. The gastric glands in the stomach are responsible for manufacturing of stomach acids. When acidity occurs, it is usually accompanied by heartburn and gas. The most common causes of acidity in the stomach are irregular meals, excessive consummation of alcohol and cigarettes, and obesity. Furthermore, acidity may be induced by hot and spicy or rich and fatty foods. It is also considered that staying late at night and negative emotions can cause acidity.

Remedies for queasy stomach

The one with this problem can do several things alone at home. First of all, it is important to lie or sit down in order to settle the stomach. It is recommended to empty the bowels and to drink water as much as possible. Furthermore, lemonade, light foods and mixture of water and soda are some of the things that are very effective when queasy stomach occurs.

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