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Acid indigestion is a quite common condition affecting numerous people all around the world. It generally affects people who are prone to overeating, irregular intake of food and excessive consumption of spicy food. Furthermore, acid indigestion affects smokers as well as people with alcohol addiction. The condition is also common among people suffering from anxiety and nervousness. All the previously mentioned leads to production of excess amount of hydrochloric acid in the stomach and subsequent symptoms of the disease.

Acid Indigestion Symptoms

Heartburn is atypical for people with acid indigestion. It develops as the consequence of excess of stomach acid and features with a burning sensation in the upper abdomen or in the chest. The very location of burning sensation can vary and sometimes it may also cause an acidic taste in the mouth (in case the stomach acid regurgitates upwards through the entire esophagus).

One more typical characteristic of acid indigestion is poor appetite. Some people may lose appetite completely. It is also typical for such people to feel early satiety.

Acid indigestion also features with flatulence and belching. Flatulence is a term that refers to excessive production of gas inside the gastrointestinal track. The excess of gas inside the stomach is usually released via repeated belching.

Some people suffering from acid indigestion complain about nausea and nausea can or does not have to be associated with vomiting.

What Causes Acid Indigestion?

It is clear that acid indigestion develops as a consequence of excess of stomach acid. Now, there are many causes associated with overproduction of this acid.

In majority of cases daily and eating habits are responsible for the condition. Nowadays because people work a lot they do not have appropriate number of meals and are prone to skip meals. Furthermore, consumption of specific foods such as fast food, fatty foods and similar may eventually cause acid indigestion. Overeating is one more cause of acid indigestion. The condition can also affect people who consume large amounts of alcohol and caffeine. It also affects heavy smokers. Dealing with everyday stress is in many people a lost battle and they are also highly susceptible to acid indigestion. And finally, in some people acid indigestion develops as a side effect of certain medications.Prevention of Acid Indigestion

Prevention of acid indigestion can be quite simple and the condition can be brought under control in a short period of time. A consultation with a well experienced dietitian will provide with information about proper diet. People must have regular and healthy meals and try to overcome stress they are exposed to on regular bases. By adopting certain relaxation techniques overcoming stress can be manageable. And if the symptoms continue, the person is supposed to consult his/ her health care provider.

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