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Information on Dry Scalp

Dry scalp is a condition which most people get to experience at some point in their lives. The condition is usually affiliated with itching, dandruff and a bad visual appearance.

The causes are numerous but the solutions to the problem are numerous as well. A person who has a dry scalp needs to figure out what is the best treatment for the particular individual condition and replace and replenish the much needed moisture. A scalp can get irritated by overbrushing or overwashing.

Brushing too hard and scrubbing too hard can also lead to scalp irritation and ultimately scalp dryness. It is important to always use shampoos and conditioners that are intended for dry scalp and dry hair. They should contain selenium sulfide, coal tar and zinc pyrithione. They may be slightly more expensive than the regular shampoos but they are usually worth it. It is also a very good idea to try using one of numerous different moisturizing treatments available on the market.

Styling creams, gels, mousse and hairspray should not be used on a regular basis because they are known for irritating the scalp and damaging the hair. All hair products a person uses should be as natural as possible and they should contain no chemicals. Natural hair products provide the scalp and hair with the much needed relief.

Heat treatments of scalp and hair such as blow drying, curling and flat irons should be avoided because they all significantly contribute to the overall dryness of the hair and scalp. Hair should always be dried by towel or it should be left to dry on its own. The hair needs to be covered in all extreme weather conditions, since they can damage the hair and scalp as well. Sunscreen should always be used when exposed to sunlight.

Remedies and Suggestions

The hair and the scalp need to be moisturized at all times. Sometimes onion and rum can be for the steeping and massaging of the scalp. Castor oil and garlic can be used for the same purposes.

Some practical solutions include using mallow root, nasturtium, parsley seed, marjoram, catmint or rosemary. Southern wood tonic is another extraordinary remedy which can come in very handy when it comes to the treatment and prevention of dry scalp. Watercress can also be used as a tonic in order to prevent and treat dry scalp. Yogurt can also be of great help and is very beneficial for those who suffer from dry scalp.

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