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Women have a very hard time with baldness, because hair isdefinitely one of the most beautiful components of any person. Every woman whosuffers from baldness should search for the best treatment options which may behelpful. It is very important to understand that baldness can be triggered by alarge number of different causes and factors. There are more than 2 percent ofpeople in the United States who are affected with baldness, so it can beconsidered as a relatively common medical condition. Alopecia areata is thebaldness causes by hereditary factors, and it actually occurs in 95 percent ofall cases of baldness. The remaining 5 percent of cases of baldness aretriggered by hair loss which commonly occurs due to various illnesses, anunhealthy diet and stress, among others.

Treatment for Baldness Conditions in Women

Numerous scientific studies have shown that baldness can beconsidered as an autoimmune disease. The aforementioned alopecia areata is anautoimmune disease which affects both sexes. When a person suffers fromalopecia areata, his or her hair follicles get attacked by their own immunesystem. The treatment for alopecia areata commonly includes various differenttypes of hair loss solutions, topical immunotherapy (which consists ofMinodixil and Anthralin) and certain types of hormones which are known asglucocorticoids. The treatment method is usually determined by a dermatologist.Some cases of alopecia areata in women may be treated with prescribed topicalor oral estrogens. Testosterones should be avoided. Contraceptives based orethynodiol diacetate and norgestimate are the ones which should be used. Androgeneticalopecia is a medical condition which is also referred to as the female patternbaldness and it differs from the one which affects the male persons. Thepattern involves thinning of the hair which occurs all over the head. This typeof baldness is usually treated by a topical solution of 2 percent of minoxidil.This type of solution is approved by the FDA and it is very efficient instimulating the growth of hair. Some cases of androgenetic alopecia are treatedwith topical or oral estrogens as well. Proper hair cair should involve the use of proper shampoos, conditionersand other hair care products. Certain choices of hairstyles may also lead tobaldness. The hair needs to be as loose as possible, so braids and ponytailsneed to be avoided as much as possible. The same can be said for all differenttypes of tight hairstyles.

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