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Common warts are a certain type of medical condition which is commonly caused by a type of virus known by the name of human papilloma virus or HPV. The virus is known for causing rapidly increasing amounts of cells on the outer layers of the skin of the sufferer. Warts are a pretty common medical condition, they are completely harmless and in most cases they simply disappear all on their own. The only problem with warts is that they sometimes tend to be rather embarrassing. Warts usually grow on fingers or hands but they may also be found in virtually all the other parts of the human body. Another common issue with warts is that they may be a persistent type of problem, and in most cases they reoccur in spite of a successful treatment.
Prevention is always the best way to cure any type of medical condition. The areas of the body which have the warts should not be shaved, combed, clipped or brushed because such action could cause the warts to spread to other parts of the body. Nail clippers and files used on the fingers and nails which have the warts should not be used on the healthy nails. Those who have warts near the fingernails should avoid biting them, because it may also lead to spreading of the warts. Warts should not be picked at, because it is another way of spreading the human papilloma virus to other parts of the body. In order to prevent this one may always cover the warts with an adhesive bandage. One should always keep the infected areas as dry as possible because the virus prefers moist environments. After touching the warts, one should always wash the hands thoroughly. If a person visits public locker rooms or showers, it is strongly advised to always use footwear.
Lifestyle and home remedies
Warts may sometimes be affiliated with diabetes and a weak immune system. One of the best home remedies for the treatment of warts is the chemical compound known by the name of salicylic acid. The solutions or patches used for the treatment of warts need to contain 17 percent of salicylic acid. The affected areas need to be soaked in warm water before the application of salicylic acid patch or solution. Pregnant women should avoid this type of treatment for warts. Duct tape can be used to cover the warts as another successful home remedy.

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