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Wart is a kind of skin lesion and it is caused by multiplied production of skin papillae. It can be of viral (caused by papilloma virus or HPV) or of non-viral origin. But in most frequently they are caused by the mentioned virus and in that case, they are called the common warts. Warts are known as an illness that can be passed on to another person by contact easily but they are not so prone to extend to some other part of the body.

So, the areas that are most likely to be affected are those of feet, knees and hands. But, also, there are some other kinds of common warts which could appear on the face or, sometimes, under the nails.

First of all, it should be mentioned that the genital warts do not belong to the group of common warts.

So, when it comes to the treatment, the medications for this type of warts are usually based on the salicylic acid and can be found in pharmacies and drugstores, in a range of forms (plasters, gel, drops and pads), since it is very effective in the disintegration of keratin. And this protein called keratin is the main ingredient of warts.

The remedy which can be bought in pharmacies is aerosol, and it actually freezes the warts. Apart from those, the adhesive duct tapes are bought frequently for treating the warts, since they stop the airflow to the warts and that way they kill them. But, all those products must be applied with special care because they can cause some more serious damages such as the irritation by salicylic acid.

The treatment of warts is usually very difficult because they are very stubborn lesions and they might even retreat from no apparent reason. That is why sometimes the best solution is not to pay attention on this condition if possible. Especially if they are very small and almost unnoticeable, or if there is just one wart on someone’s body. In that case some minor intervention at doctors’ will be performed, such as the treatment with the electrical impulses which will kill the wart.

But, if there is a case of somewhat more severe wart problem, the different types require different approaches. For example, if the hand area is affected, the best remedy is the salicylic acid. But, if the warts are found below the nails, the medical advice should be sought, because it is somewhat more complex wart problem.

They can be found on feet and in that case they are called plantar warts. And again they should be treated with plasters, aerosol and salicylic acid.

Also, the warts can have various appearances. For instance, if the warts are of flat surface, they are usually more persistent and likely to reappear, but can be treated with the mentioned acid, as well. But, in the case of the uneven surface of the warts, they are even more stubborn and they are almost incurable.

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