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Verucca vulgaris is a benign growth also known under the name of the wart. Warts are caused by human papilloma virus. This skin formation may form at one part of the body and then spread. Namely, if one scratches the verruca, human papilloma virus comes under the fingernail. If the person scratches another part of the body this can cause implantation of the virus and occurrence of a new verruca. Transmission of the virus may also occur between people in case of the presence of cuts and cracks in the skin and exposure to the virus. What is interesting is that the virus may be dormant in the body for some time (up to several months) without causing warts.

Symptoms of Verruca

A verruca is a lump which is typically hard and dry. The color of verruca varies and it may be skin colored, white and sometimes even dark-colored. It may also vary in size. Sometimes it is rather small or it may grow significantly. Furthermore, there may be one or more than one verrucas on the skin. Verrucas may group and from clusters which resemble cauliflower. Majority of verrucas are not painful. The only type of painful verruca is the one found on the feet, to be precise on the sole.

Conservative Treatment for Verucca

Sometimes warts do not require treatment. Some of them may withdraw spontaneously. This basically depends on the type of the wart.

Treatment is usually reserved in case the wart is unsightly, painful and itchy. Furthermore, treatment is also required if there is a chance of its spread. There are many treatment modalities for warts and some people must undergo a few until the wart is completely removed.

Self-care tips include covering of the wart with a duct tape. The wart is supposed to be covered for 6 days, after that it is soaked and rubbed with an abrasive board or pumice stone. This method may require repeated covering of the wart with duct tape.

Patients may be prescribed many creams, gels and medicated plasters in order to get rid of warts. Many of them contain salicylic acid. Some medical products contain formaldehyde or glutaraldehyde.

Surgery for Verrucas

Surgery for verrucas is applied if conservative treatment fails to remove the verruca. Surgery can quickly and successfully remove the wart.

There are several procedures performed in wart removal. They are electrosurgey, curretage and laser surgery. In electrosurgery the wart is burnt with an electrical current. Curettage is a procedure in which the wart is cut off with a sharp knife or a small, spoon - shaped tool. Laser surgery burns the verruca and removes it completely.

Verrucas may reoccur after surgical removal since the surgery does not kill the virus which causes the wart.

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