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What are plantar warts and how can they be recognized?

The fact is that it is not at all difficult to recognize this skin problem which affects the soles of the feet only, particularly heels and balls of the feet. It is manifested through skin growths that do not look nice at all, but which are not cancerous and thus, they are not a reason for some serious concern. However, they can be painful and bothersome, and sometimes they might even be unresponsive to the treatment. Human papilloma virus is the culprit for their occurrence, which means that the person cannot do much in order to prevent them. Maintaining the hygiene of the feet, avoiding to go barefoot in public places, as well avoiding to use one pumice stone, nail clipper and similar items on healthy skin and skin that has warts are only some of the things that are advised. However, once they are developed, it is best to start the treatment before they grow in size.

How to cure plantar warts once they develop?

The fact is that some home remedies can help in getting rid of the plantar warts, but if salicylic acid, duct tape and other medications that can be obtained over-the-counter do not help, then it is best to turn to doctors and see what they will suggest. Available methods of plantar warts treatment include:

Cryotherapy, which is known as liquid nitrogen therapy as well, destroys the warts by freezing them. However, it might be a bit more painful and it might require some time and patience, but eventually a blister forms around it and the dead tissue just peels off. Laser surgery is used in cases of stubborn plantar warts, but this method is expensive and it might have to be repeated. Minor surgery procedures called curettage and electrodessication might also be a solution to this problem, and during these procedures, the warts are destroyed with electric needles. Imiquimod is a cream that makes the body release particular proteins that fight the warts off. It has to be prescribed by the doctor and it is applied directly to the warts. Cantharidin is a substance that the doctors might use as well, and it is applied directly to the warts, and then the bandage has to be placed over it. After a week, the doctor will simply clip away the dead tissue.

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