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The human papillomavirus infection, also known in short as HPV, is the main cause of the common warts on the skin. Warts are very contagious. However, though, it is not uncommon to see just a single family member with warts and not the other members. Warts will more usually just affect one area of the person’s body such as their feet and their hands and will not spread to other areas of body.

The Different Types of Common Warts

If warts are located on the plantar of the foot then they are called plantar warts. If a person has warts on the face or legs and they have arisen in a large number then these are usually called flat warts or plane warts. If you find warts around your nail bed or even under the nail itself then this type of wart is called a periungual wart. If you find a wart on its own usually on your face then it can be put in the bracket of Filiform warts.

The Treatment for the Common Warts

There are various ways to deal with the common skin warts. First of all they shouldn't be confused with genital warts as all the following treatments do not apply to genital warts. Usually if you go to your local pharmacy you will be able to find a medication that contains salicylic acid or you can try the more up to date treatment that will come in the form of an aerosol that is used to freeze the warts. The salicylic-acid treatment will come in the form of a drop, gel, pad, and even as a plaster. The design of them is to treat any form of common skin wart in just about any area of the body. The salicylic acid works by dissolving the protein. The aerosol freezing method will freeze the wart to a temperature of minus fifty seven degrees celsius. Some people will say that suffocation is the key and will recommend using duct tape. However this method requires the host to keep the tape on all week and only remove few warts each couple of hours.

The Effectiveness of Wart Treatments

All warts grow differently and can come and go on their own accord. Some of the warts will react to the treatment given and unfortunately others will simply stand their ground. Most of the methods for the treatments of warts will require your patience for a number of weeks.

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