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Most people are familiar with the term of tooth erosion. When the acid wears away the tooth enamel, a person is considered to be suffering from tooth erosion. Enamel is the strong calcified tissue which both covers and keeps the outside of the tooth safe. An interesting thing is that enamel is the strongest substance in the body. There is calcium in the saliva and that aids and remineralizes the teeth. In cases when there is too much acid, that saliva cannot help the teeth like it is supposed to. It these acids which can be found in the foods and drink s which people consume that cause teeth erosion. A lot of people are not aware that pure fruit juices contain a lot of these acids. Apart from these acids, there are other causes of teeth erosion like decrease in saliva, acid reflux disease and even bulimia.

Signs and symptoms of tooth erosion

One of the first and most common symptoms of tooth erosion is sensitivity. In case a person experiences tooth sensitivity, he or she should head to the hospital and this especially means in case of tooth cracking, which is considered to be a severe problem.

Early symptoms of tooth erosion

Discoloration is an early sign of tooth erosion. The more dentin is exposed, the more yellow the teeth will become. Rounded teeth are also an early sign of this condition. A person who realizes that his or her teeth are becoming more round should pay a visit to the dentist’s. In some cases, the teeth tend to look sand blasted when they suffer from tooth erosion. The tips of teeth will also appear transparent.

Advanced and severe symptoms of tooth erosion

A person who discovers certain cracks and dents should visit his or her dentist as soon as possible. Apart from these two symptoms, extreme sensitivity is also a clear sign of tooth erosion.

How to prevent tooth erosion

A person who suffers from tooth erosion may experience mild dental problems like the discoloration of the teeth and sensitivity. However, severe dental problems like cracked teeth and severe tooth sensitivity are also possible and do occur quite a lot. In order to avoid this, people should rinse the mouth with water after consuming acidic foods or beverages. A person should not brush the teeth right after consuming acidic foods or beverages. An hour should pass in order for the teeth to remineralize. Carbonated drinks should be avoided. When a person does drink these drinks, he or she should use a straw. Acidic drinks should be swallowed quickly and not be swished around in the mouth. Chewing gums is important for the saliva. However, a person should chew a sugar-free gum.

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