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A common condition called “sensitive teeth” is when a person feels the discomfort and pain when ingesting hot or cold beverages and certain types of food like ice cream, so it is impossible to enjoy those. The soft dentine of the tooth is covered by enamel and when the dentine is overexposed it becomes sensitive. It’s most likely to occur at the areas where the gum meets the teeth because the layer of enamel is much thinner at those areas.

Sometimes excessive toothbrush abrasion which comes if one brushes the teeth too hard or in an improper way can cause sensitive teeth. By doing this in a wrong manner dentine gets exposed. Dental erosion occurs when enamel gets damaged by acids from various types of food and it can be another way of causing teeth to become sensitive.

Sometimes the gums may recede all by themselves which can also lead to the condition commonly known as sensitive teeth. Plaque or tartar may build up and cause a gum disease which makes the gums recede down and sometimes even destroy the tooth’s support. This may lead to a formation of pockets around the tooth, making it difficult to clean and worsening the symptoms of sensitive teeth. Some people have this strange habit of grinding the teeth together, which causes the enamel to wear away and makes the teeth significantly more sensitive.

A cracked tooth can be irritated by extreme cold or heat which worsens the symptoms of sensitive teeth. Tooth bleaching can sometimes cause trouble during or after the actual process of bleaching.

In order to prevent the teeth from becoming too sensitive one must keep the gums from receding and be careful not to use excessive pressure when brushing the teeth. One can also purchase an electric toothbrush which has sensors that stop the brush when too much pressure is applied or have a warning light which gets activated when the teeth are brushed too hard.

Desensitized toothpastes are very beneficial in keeping the teeth from becoming too sensitive. Fluoride rinse is another home remedy that helps in decreasing the teeth sensitivity.

Keeping the teeth clean is a must if one wants to keep them healthy. It is also preferable to use a type of toothbrush with bristles as soft as possible. Chewing tobacco is known for causing many troubles with teeth health. Certain types of hard candy can also cause damage to the teeth. Sometimes a dentist must use sealers and root canals to treat sensitive teeth.

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