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What Are Symptoms of Caries

Dental cavities are holes in the structure of the teeth. Thesedamaging holes are also well known as simply cavities or in medical termscaries. After the common cold, teeth cavities are the second common disorderamong people all over the world. For young people, untreated teeth cavitiesmight be the reason for tooth loss, and because of that every dental problemshould be assessed appropriately.

At first, patients suffering from dental cavities might haveno apparent symptoms. There is no pain, nor any other symptoms that will pointto the problem with the teeth, but the cavity is something that will growbigger every day. It needs to be taken care of before it damages the innerstructure of the tooth, so regular check up at the dentist is a must.

People whose dental cavities already progressed mightexperience some tooth aches or even pain when eating and biting something. Eatingcold, hot or in some cases sweet food may start to be a real problem forpatients with dental cavities, because these foods can cause painful sensations.Their teeth might also become very sensitive and have pus around them. Bas tasteor bad breath in the mouth, as well as the problems with the gums, such as bleeding,tenderness or swelling could also be associated with caries and if you noticethese changes, you should visit your dentists as soon as possible.

If there is extensive damage to the tooth, it might lead tothe damage of the internal structure and provoke death of blood vessels and nervesin the tooth. The condition may also worsen further, to tooth abscess, and what’sreally important this problem is not reversible and the tooth can’t regenerate.However, dentist can stop the progression of the tooth problems, treating theroot canal and cavity, and thus save the teeth.

Causes of Caries

Certain factors are known to be associated with dentalcavities. These are dietary intake of sugars and carbohydrates, acids and somebacteria. Foods that easily stick to the surface of the teeth are harmful forthe teeth, as well as frequent snacks and the type and frequency ofcarbohydrate consummation.

Bacteria in the mouth are responsible for the metabolizingcarbohydrates from the food to acids, and combined with the saliva and fooddebris these form plaque. This accumulated by product can be removed from theteeth, and should be, because it can further mineralize, form tartar and be thereason for gingivitis or periodontitis. Acids from the plaque are also harmful,because they are proven to dissolve the surface of the teeth enamel, damagingthe teeth internal structure.

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