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Shiatsu massage is an ancient Chinese stress removal technique, which was later introduced in Japan as well. Being very effective, shiatsu is used all over the world, helping people deal with their aches or get rid of their stress. Alternatively, shiatsu can be used simply for relaxing.

Due to the usefulness of this massage technique, it has been implemented into many massage chairs on the market. Namely, these massage chairs imitate the exact same processes of shiatsu massages, focusing on specific spots on your body, applying pressure onto these, achieving the desired effect.

More about Shiatsu

Apart from its origin and historical development, shiatsu massage is closely connected to acupuncture. In fact, the principle behind the massage technique is the same, concentrating on specific spots on one's body, stimulating them in order to achieve the desired effect. The only difference is that acupuncture uses needles and shiatsu massage uses physical pressure.

Also, many people believe that acupressure and shiatsu are the same. However, they are not, since acupressure concentrates on a single acupoint, while shiatsu massage can be applied over a larger area.

Shiatsu and Technology

Massage techniques are known to advance in time. The same happens to shiatsu. Namely, many new movements and methods have been introduced, like gripping and chopping, or even vibration.

Thus, shiatsu massage focuses on a certain acupoint and applies pressure onto it. Later however, the pressure spreads onto the wider area around the point, making the soft tissue stretch, relax and get relieved of stiffness.

Basically, massage chair companies give their best to imitate the same methods which shiatsu uses. Therefore, we have models which can apply pressure in many different dimensions and depth, loosening and relaxing the muscles in our body. Needless to say, the technology used in these massage chairs is very delicate and advanced. Vibration motors are used as well, providing means of penetrating deeply into one's muscle tissue, reaching the bone.

As for replicating squeezing and grasping, massage chairs use air bags. These allow the same relaxing effect as the real shiatsu massage does. Moreover, these massage chairs possess their own computers which control all these important processes, coordinating movements and reading off sensors.

All in all, there are numerous massage chairs of this type available for purchase. Know what you are looking for, try several before buying one and make sure you are satisfied with your shiatsu massages at the privacy of your home. Therefore, choose wisely and stay happy, relaxed and in good physical shape for a long time.

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