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The following text will talk about a cheap method of increasing the fertility of a woman. The infertility is becoming a great problem for women and this is a problem that can be corrected by the self-fertility massage. This is a natural and effective fertility tool used in the past for different purposes as well. The massages for improving the fertility have been used for centuries all around the world. The effectiveness of this method has been proven in numerous cases, and in the following lines, we will talk about this form of treatment.

Self Fertility Massage

Do not think that this is a simple thing to do, since you cannot just pour oil on the stomach and rub it in. There are many specific techniques that have to done correctly so you will experience benefits from them. The self fertility massage is a complex of several different massage types used together in one therapy. The therapy we are talking about includes reflexology, acupressure, myofacial release and deep tissue massage. Also the Chi Nei Tsang technique is used as well and when these techniques are combined, the common cases of infertility can be treated. But remember that this is not a simple massage and since it involves so many parts, you have to follow the instruction closely so that you may experience the benefits of the self fertility massage therapy.

Massage Techniques

We will list some of the common issues associated with the fertility and the massage techniques that can be helpful for them. The ancient organ massage called Chi Nei Tsang is associated with the benefits on the cold uterus and other heat deficiencies. One very popular massage called deep tissue massage is used during the self fertility massage therapy. This massage can break up the adhesions responsible for the blocking or tying of the body's passageways. It can also increase circulation very effectively. The next technique is myofacial release, which affects the myofacial tissue release.

This tissue is located around the muscles and organs in the human body, but over time it sticks to the organs and binds due to the decreased flow of oxygen to them. This bound can be made lose with the help of this massage technique, since it increases the flow of oxygenated blood to the organs. Acupressure involves no needles, but it does offer great benefits. Reflexology is applied on the feet or hands, and in this way it affects the organs. It can increase the circulation and Chi. Castor oil should always be used during these massages since it has numerous beneficial effects, like the ones on the reproductive system and menstrual problems.

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