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There are not a lot of people in the world who do not know what Down syndrome is or have never heard of it. Down syndrome is a genetic disorder that is characterized with a lifelong mental retardation, development delays and some other problems. Not all cases of Down syndrome are the same and the severity of it differs. Problems caused by it can be moderate but they can also be quite serious. Of all the genetic causes of learning disabilities in children, Down syndrome is the most common.


First of all, parents need to know that there is no way that Down syndrome can be prevented. However, parents need to consult the genetic counselor if they already have one child with the syndrome or if they are at high risk of having a child with the syndrome before becoming pregnant. The genetic counselor will answer all the questions and will help the parents understand the chances of having a child with Down syndrome.

Coping and support

It is not easy for the parents when they find out that their child has a Down syndrome. A variety of emotions that are usually experienced are anger, fear, worry, sorrow and guilt. A lot of parents do not know what to do when they find out and they wonder whether they are able to take proper care of the child. In these situations it is best that the parents get to know as much as they can about the syndrome. Finding a team of trusted professionals is an important step in this process. A parent cannot know the answer to all the questions and he or she will need to help of professionals, doctors and therapists. Seeking out other families who are dealing with this problem should be done as well. There is also a lot of misinformation about the syndrome and parents should not believe in all of them. Treatments and drugs

Making the interventions as early as possible is essential if the child is going to have a better life. Parents should talk to the doctors about the early intervention programs in the area because these specialized programs will make a difference. Making sure that there is a team of specialists that will help the child with Down syndrome needs to be done. These specialists will help the child cope with every problem he or she faces. Apart from the primary care pediatrician, the team may consist of a pediatric cardiologist, a pediatric endocrinologist, a development pediatrician, an audiologist and several others.

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