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Whether we like it or not, abortion is a real part of the reproductive cycle in this day and age, and many women are coping with symptoms of depression after they opt to terminate a pregnancy for whatever reason. Depression after you have undergone an abortion poses unique challenges, and women who experience it are in need of treatment just as much as those who suffer from signs of postpartum depression, also called PPD for short, after they had a baby. What is postpartum depression after an abortion? What are the symptoms, and how can this condition be treated?

Experiencing all kinds of negative feelings after an abortion is completely normal. That is why most women in the developed world are offered post-abortion counseling as a matter of course when they choose to undergo a termination of pregnancy. Postpartum depression can affect any woman who has a miscarriage, who gives birth, or who has an abortion. Some people refer to postpartum depression after an abortion as "Post Abortion Stress Syndrome" PASS. What are the symptoms? Just as with any depression, feeling detached, unmotivated, emotional, angry, sad and extremely tired are common. Those who suffer from depression after an abortion can also feel denial, or have extreme feelings of guilt, even if they fully stand behind their decisions.

Depressed people can feel like they simply do not want to go on any more, often avoid contact with the outside world as much as possible, and can even feel suicidal. Treatment is available. If you have had an abortion and recognize yourself in these symptoms, please do not go on struggling! You can go to your local family doctor, a therapist, or ask your family planning clinic for a referral. Depression can sometimes be treated with therapy, but many patients benefit from antidepressant medication.

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