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Abortion after effects are not only physical but they are psychological as well. Both woman's body and mind are affected. Even though the procedure itself is rather safe the woman will feel the effect of abortion for quite some time.

Doctors who perform abortions ensure patients that the procedure is safer than the one of child birth. They also claim that it does not cause any side effects, neither physical nor psychological. Abortion is considered to be an interruption of human pregnancy at any time before the 28th week. However, women do not agree that it is a simple medical procedure. They consider an abortion to be an event that changes the life of a woman forever. In most cases there is no physical damage but the psychological one is almost always present.

Physical abortion side effects

Even though they are not common a woman may experience certain physical side effects which can be minor ones like nausea, vomiting, abdominal cramps and diarrhea or they can be more severe. There is always bleeding present after the abortion but in some cases it can become quite heavy. Hemorrhaging is also a possible risk of abortion. Another possible risk is that the medical staff can leave some parts of the fetus in the maternal body. When that happens there is a possibility of infections that lead to damage to the internal organs. A cervix can also be injured during the procedure. Psychological effects

Depression is quite common after the abortion. A majority of women know that the procedure is wrong because killing a fetus is wrong but various circumstances make them to do so. There are a lot of factors that influence a woman to make this step. Apart from depression a woman may also enter a pit of guilt, self condemnation, regret and deep anguish. One study proved that 56% of women who had an abortion felt guilty while 26% mostly regretted doing it. A lot of women claim that in their dreams they see the children calling out to them to save them from death. In cases when the couple does not agree about abortion, their sex life is affected after the procedure.

Maternal death

Even though they are rare some abortion complications can lead to the death of a woman. Heavy bleeding, organ damage and infections are the usual causes that lead to death of a woman.

Increased risk of conceiving inability

The risk of not being able to conceive again rises with every abortion. The medications that are being used before and after the procedure affect the body. Certain infections may damage the reproductive system.

All these side effects will not happen to every woman. They vary from individual to individual.

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