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A Difficult Choice

Abortion, since the very moment itbecame an option, was a matter of great controversy. It is the sametoday. Namely, there are those who are for abortion as an option,placing all the responsibility upon the mother herself, letting herdecide whether she will or will not end the life of a fetus in herbody, before it gets alive. On the other hand, there are those whichare against this act, considering it murderous and inhumane.Therefore, the battle wages on and on, each side having considerablearguments. Usually, religion stands on the pro-life side, whileothers stand for the pro-choice variant.

Arguments in Defense of Abortion Right

The first thing people often considerwhen being for abortion as a choice is the woman's right to controlher body. The pregnancy takes place within a woman, and, thereby, nota single person outside should have the right to interfere with herdecision. If the woman desires to end her pregnancy, not wanting achild, it is her decision. However, another problem makes thisdecision hard. Basically, there is a thin line between a fetus and achild whose heart is beating. Therefore, killing something that is aliveis usually considered bad, while ending a pregnancy in its primarystadium is thought to be more humane since here, the fetus is farfrom being called a baby, as some claim.

Next, abortion, as a procedure, cannotbe stopped completely. There will always be countries where it islegal and women will visit these countries instead of having anabortion in their own ones. Moreover, if abortions were completelybanned, underground hospitals would start emerging on the blackmarket, taking great amounts of money for the procedure in much lesshygienic conditions.

The notion of life is questionable whenit comes to abortion. Life does not start in all stages of fetaldevelopment. Therefore, since there is no life, there is nothing tokill during the procedure. Also, there are people whose child haddied during the pregnancy, or women who have been raped. In these andmany other cases, abortion should be legal and open for choice.Finally, there are cases where the infant is bound to be born withsevere disabilities which will make him/her lead a painful and shortlife, suffering. In these cases, abortion could save both the childbefore it is born and the parents all the troubles of the process.

Arguments against Abortion

Logically, people believe that everychild needs to be granted a chance to live. Their innocent livesshould not end because of the incompetence of their parents oranything else. Even though they cannot speak for themselves, theyhave every right to be born and lead a happy life. Finally, the childis not guilty for the sins of the humanity and should not besentenced to death.

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