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Counseling is available and included whenever a person desires to undergo abortion in Australia. However, counseling of this type does not solely include talking, but rather, involves giving advice, adequate information, support and providing the necessary education and confidentiality.

Confidentiality Guaranteed

Many women who undergo abortion or contemplating this cannot share their troubles and worries with their partners, friends and family. Here, however, the whole process is discrete and both doctors and therapists have to keep the shared information to themselves. Sometimes, even the partners can participate the counseling process, contributing to the treatment as a whole. The patients are not judged and their decisions are not altered in any way. All that is offered to them is support and proper information on the subject of abortion.

Postulates of Abortion Counseling

All counselors should respect the women who visit them as well as the decisions they have made. Many women feel alone and depressed when they are opting for an abortion, even though the pregnancy did not involve them alone. Thus, their choices are to be accepted and understood with the empathy which a good counselor should possess.

Next, counselors need to know everything about the prices, the locations and the procedures themselves, when ti comes to abortions. Anesthesia options, post-operative and pre-operative care are also matters which should be explained in detail since the woman needs to know about all the potential risks and characteristics of the procedure she opts for.

Also, counseling should not stop once the abortion is done. Rather, this is the time when women need support the most due to their physical and emotional recovery as well as future contraceptive measures. Sometimes, therapy is necessary after the abortion since some women may feel shame, guilt, depression, anxiety and many other emotions, troubling them severely. Thus, in order to prevent these emotions from damaging these women, they need to undergo proper therapy.

You have to be careful and find the right counselor since many people tend to be biased, holding sides to either the abortion procedure or pregnancy. Either way, your choice is your choice and counseling is there to help you decide on your own. Moreover, some women found out that their doubts and negative feelings did not stem from the procedure they have undergone, but from the counseling itself. Thus, seek only support and understanding, avoid counseling therapies which are not going to help you.

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