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Asperger syndrome is a developmental disorder with variety of the behaviors. Two patients with Asperger syndrome may exhibit different behavioral problems. The syndrome is a developmental disorder that belongs to a group of autism spectrum disorders. It is characterized by trouble socializing and communicating with others. People with Asperger syndrome do not differ from others in physical appearance but their condition can be noticed by awkward behavior they present. Their main problems are in the area of social skills, social interaction and social imagination. Otherwise, people with Asperger syndrome do not suffer from developmental delay and do not have speech problems.

Asperger Sydnrome Behavior

People affected by Asperger syndrome seem socially immature. They have trouble showing empathy for others and don’t know to read between the lines. They cannot read other people’s body language and their own non verbal communication is poor. This includes lack of eye contact, few facial expressions and unusual gestures and body postures. They appear unwilling to share experiences or interests with others. People with the syndrome have difficulty starting and maintaining conversation and tend to engage in one-sided conversation. They are usually obsessed with one or few interests about which they tend to talk a lot without noticing that others have lost interest or trying to change subject. They commonly verbalize their internal thoughts and may often offend others with their remarks. People with the syndrome are unable to recognize subtle changes in speech tone, pitch and accent when other people talk, and they have difficulty understanding jokes, metaphor and sarcasm. Also, their own speech may be flat, monotonous and rigid. People with the syndrome typically love routines and any change can lead to anxiety and result in behavioral problems. Their coordination is usually poor and they may be highly sensitive to loud noises, light, strong tastes and texture. The symptoms of Asperger syndrome commonly reflect in many areas of life but mostly in area of relationship.


For people suffering from Asperger syndrome, it is difficult to make or maintain relationship. This all happens due to their poor social interaction, inability to understand other people’s emotions and communicate appropriately. In order to maintain a relationship, a person must have different skills. However, people with the syndrome have difficulty understanding their own emotions and expressing them adequately. They commonly do not show empathy toward people around them and do not understand how their behavior reflects on those around them. This can particularly make hard for those with the syndrome to start intimate relationship. Due to limited range of imaginative activities and their love of routine, children with Asperger syndrome are usually unable to make a friendship.

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