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When talking about abortion, there are several things that should be taken into consideration. The first and the most important one would be the reason why abortion is needed. But, in most cases, abortion is performed without asking why, and in many countries it became just a regular procedure, practically as regular as tooth extraction. But is it really that simple? What are the consequences?


Just as tooth extraction will cause pain, this will also happen after the abortion procedure. Abortion is not something an organism is used to, it is not a natural state of the body and that is why sometimes abortions leave consequences. Unfortunately, one of the problems that might emerge in the years that come after the abortion is the problem of becoming pregnant again. This is even more emphasized if the procedure was not done properly. In the countries economically and socially undeveloped, abortion is sometimes performed by people who are not qualified for that, and this sometimes even leads to the death of the woman. Sadly, in most of the cases, women are usually young girls from the age of 14 and 15 and up.

There is also a problem with emotional response to this. When a pregnancy starts, a woman feels a lot of changes that follow the growth of a new life. Ending that life might leave some emotional scars that might not be visible right away, but which can definitely show when least expected.

Pros and cons

It is said that we are free to do what we want with our bodies, so does that mean that the abortion should be legal? From this point, yes. But, and this is a great but, are we free to do what we want with someone else’s body, no matter how tiny it is? Can two merged cells (egg cell and spermatozoid) be called a body? What actually defines a body? A newly formed life is growing and developing and those are definitely parameters of the body. So, who are we to end it?

On the other hand, the way we live today simply does not leave place for mistakes and it is true that many women make mistakes and do not use contraception. More than often, this leaves them with truly unwanted pregnancy. What has to be done then, especially when there is no father in the picture, or the couple is simply too young for any sort of responsibility? Sometimes parents do not want the abortion to happen, but they are simply lacking the money to feed another mouth.

This is definitely a theme that needs a detailed discussion and the debate about the abortion has been going on not for decades, but actually for hundreds of years.

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