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I remember few years ago, pole dancing was the hottest fitness trend. Don't get me wrong, it is still very sexy and hot, but I don't hear as much buzz about pole dancing anymore. This is really too bad, because pole dancing is one of the best exercises woman can do for her pelvic floor, as well as abdominal muscles and thighs. I've never taken pole dancing classes myself perhaps I am too shy, but I think I could get over the initial shyness and giggling that I am sure would be present. I think the main reason is that I never got the opportunity to participate to pole dancing classes.

Anyway, I made a little research and the ladies that were blessed with pole dancing, they all claim that it is one of the best core strengthening exercises they have participated in. Take a few seconds, and think about pole dancing: what are the main body parts that are involved in this exercise? You are right: I am talking about the hips, pelvic floor, abs, thighs, calves and the back. Hips, pelvic floor, abs, thighs they sort of come natural to you, don't they? But what s up with the calves and back? Well, darling, you are wearing high heels and you are not only practicing walking in high heels, you are also practicing better posture and you are working out on your calves and the best part is - you not aware of that. And the back since the strengthening of the body core (pelvic floor, abdominals) promotes overall trunk stability, this also improves your balance and of course the health of your back.

But, what has pole dancing got to do with fertility and ability of trying to conceive? A lot. First of all, it will bring the spice (back) to your love life. I am (almost) sure your partner will love it. Actually, there are a very few men that would think/feel a woman is not sexually attractive when she is pole dancing. Second, if you have problems with self esteem, it will definitely lift it up. It will bring that feminine side of your up to the surface. And why exactly should you hide it? And the third and the most important pole dancing is great for pelvic floor. Pole dancing involves the moves that activate the muscles of the core, particularly the hip rotators, abdominals, and inner thigh muscles. These are all the muscles that contribute to pelvic floor health by enhancing pelvic floor muscle activation. Some say it is like doing Kegel exercises without actually doing them traditionally!

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