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Worms as the cause of intestinal infections

Worms are parasites that can cause serious intestinal infections in people of any age, though the fact is that children are a bit more predisposed to such infections. Pinworms are the most common reason for such infections, and they tend to multiply very quickly.

Not everyone who is infected has to develop symptoms, although the most common ones are itching of either anal or vaginal area, particularly at night when a person is in bed, irritability, restlessness and pain in stomach, which may sometimes be followed by nausea. On the other side, not all the cases require medical treatment, but only those that are serious, and the treatment consists of medications that have to be taken orally, and that have the purpose to destroy the parasites.

Herbs that can be helpful in the treatment of worms

Having in mind the seriousness of problems that these types of infections may cause, it is always better to seek medical help when the first suspicious signs appear. On the other hand, there are herbs that have proven to be helpful in the treatment of those infected with worm, as well as in the process of cleaning the intestines, and it can be much easier to simply try out these herbs instead of medications, which may cause some side effects. Those who choose to give a chance to herbs should bear in mind that this way of the treatment may last a bit longer, but it will certainly give results.

Some of the herbs that are very beneficial when it comes to this problem are black walnut, elecampane, feverfew, garlic, papaya, and wormwood. Black walnut hulls have antibacterial and antiparasitic features, besides others, which makes them a very good remedy for worms, but it is important to know that they can also be toxic if not used in the proper manner, and that they should not be used for a longer time. The root of elecampane has antiseptic features, and this herb of bitter taste helps in toning the digestive system. Garlic contains more than 30 substances that can be used in medicine, and a very important substance allicin is known for its antimicrobial characteristics, which is why garlic is also helpful in fighting off the worms. The leaves of papaya are used to treat intestinal worms, and they are very helpful due to the substances that prevent reinfection. The name of the plant called wormwood confirms that it has been related to the treatment of worm of various kinds for ages.

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