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The most common ailments that may occur in the human body are pain and soreness and in most cases it is muscle pain. In almost every case of back pain, joint pain, muscle pain or constricted muscles the cause is blockage of the blood flow to the area which can also cause coldness and malnutrition to the area. Blockage is usually caused excessive physical stress poor circulation and numerous other conditions. All those ailments can be handled and treated properly by certain herbal remedies.

Herbal Remedies

One of the most commonly herbs used for the opening of the blockages caused by damp is Clematis. This herb is specially focused on relieving the joint pain and the symptoms of arthritis. Clematis is very invigorating and it enhances the ability to move and it can be used orally or in the form of liniments, poultices or soaks. Angelica Sinensis is another herb that can be used very efficiently as a blood tonic. It is helpful in moving blood to a specific area of the human body and thoroughly soothing that area. It is also commonly found in different balms that are used for the treatment of burns and it can also be applied externally in a topical manner.

Frankincense and Myyrh are also used for numerous conditions because of their very potent invigorating properties. Both of them can be found in numerous formulas and solutions that are commonly used externally to relieve blockage and pain. They can also be used internally in forms of various tinctures but in that case they should be used in low dosages.

These tree resins are widely used by so many patients who suffer from arthritis. These remedies are quite inexpensive and can be purchased at almost any health food store. Tien Qi is probably the most potent of all the aforementioned herbal remedies. It is very efficient in stopping the bleeding, invigorating the blood reducing the swelling and warming up the patient. Tien Qi is the most complete package for the treatment of soreness, pain and acute traumas. It is usually used externally, but it can also be taken internally. Pregnant women should take care because it may be potentially harmful if used internally. Most of the herbs mentioned above can be taken in a decoction on a regular daily basis while poultices can be applied externally using a cloth. Liniments are the most potent of all different solutions.

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