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A lot of people are turning their back on the conventional medical treatments and are experimenting with herb remedies. This is usually done because of the side effects that the treatments can induce. This is also the case with menopause and perimenopause. Extremely large number of women is using home remedies, because the hormone replacement therapy, or HRT, creates nausea, vaginal bleeding and headache, or it can even provoke blood clots and breast cancer. The cancer is not yet proven to be caused by this therapy, but women are afraid and seek hope for the treatment in many home remedies.

Herbs have been used as remedies for thousands of years. And even if the drugs and medications are based on natural source, they can induce problems, like allergic reaction. When you decide to use home remedies, you need to gather as much information as possible. Only when you understand why and how the condition works, you can find the appropriate solution. Naturally, you will also have to know which herb can be used in a certain situation, and how they affect the human body.

Many specialists consider estrogen, and some also include progesterone, as the main elements of menopause creation. The main idea states that menopause is produced when imbalance between these two elements is present. From this we can conclude, that restoring the balance will eliminate the symptoms. Because all of this, the remedies which can be used contain these elements. Very few home remedies try to resolve the matter in a different way. They influence the body to produce more estrogen or progesterone. Even the treatment of every symptom individually can be used. Those symptoms are fatigue, hot flashes, vaginal dryness, depression and problems with libido. The food with high level of phytoestrogens is soya. You can find soya in soy cheese, burgers, breads and muffins (baked with soya flour). There are also drinks with soya. You can also take pills and soy powder. These have a much higher level of phytoestrogens in comparison to previously mentioned food. Consuming soya will eliminate hot flashes. Home remedies which can be used include black cohosh, adrug used by native Americans; red clover, which eliminates hot flashes very quickly; dong quai, of Chinese origin; and Peruvian maca root, which treats the menopause, gives energy, eliminates stress and depression, PMS discomfort. Progesterone creams can be effective when applied on the thinner areas of the body. Such areas are inner forearms, thigh, stomach and breast. This cream, made from Mexican wild yam extract, supposedly has a high level of progesterone, which makes it a good remedy for menopause. The remedy used for increasing the progesterone levels in human body is chaste tree berry. This remedy, which was even popular in ancient Greek times, proved to be quite effective when combating with menopause.

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