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Push-ups are among the greatestexercises out there. They don’t require any equipment, finance, additional skills,extended amounts of time or much motivation. They also bring results veryquickly.

Push-ups actually provide anexcellent workout for the entire body. While doing push-ups properly oneexercises the hands, fingers, forearms, biceps, triceps, shoulders, both upperand lower back, traps, abdomen, gluteus, calf, quads and even feet muscles.

Since doing push-ups is not aneasy task to perform, one must be dedicated and be persistent with practice.The benefit is of course being able to do it and an increased form, enhanced byhigher levels of endurance. Push-ups provide great motivational properties andcan ultimately lead to other physical exercises that can be even morechallenging. They also provide strength and endurance in other life activitiesthat can put the will to a test.

People who want to lose weightneed to build their muscle mass because they replace the fat in the body andhelp in burning more calories which is essential for their proper maintenance.In the end it makes the person more lean, trim and healthy. Doing push-upsregularly improves the overall muscle mass and improves hormone growth which inturn further boosts the growth of muscles.

Every workout poses a risk ofinjury. When compared to all the other weight-training exercises push-ups poselittle or no risk of injuries at all. Push-ups enhance the overall condition ofthe human body and reduce the tendency of injuries induced by other types ofworkout. Push-ups can be done all alone, with no equipment or gym membershipsrequired. Push-ups only use the person’s body and provide enormous healthbenefits and save significant amounts of time and money.

After getting comfortable withordinary push-ups one can always advance to the next level and indulge invarious other types of push-ups like single hand push-ups, fingertip push-ups,diamond push-ups, inclined push-ups, wide push-ups and really so many more.Variations break the monotony of a repetitive regimen and help in concentratingon particular body areas one wishes to exercise and build up more.

Before doing push-ups for thefirst time one should always consult a physician in order to learn and practicethem the right way. Once a person learns how to do them properly it will beclear how good push-ups are for keeping fit. Push-ups are always the best wayto get started with exercises.

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