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Characteristic of Pins and Needles Feeling in Feet

When we try to describe this sensation, possible of occurring almost anywhere on the body, we can simply relate to the name itself. Therefore, this condition involves the sensation of as if someone was stabbing millions of small pins and needles in your feet. Tender to the touch, amplifying once squeezed or poked, this fit usually lasts for several minutes and then returns to normal. Nevertheless, some people may have chronic case of this sensation somewhere in their body.

This usually takes place due to pressure applied on some parts of our body, affecting blood delivery to the nerves located in it. Therefore, often while we are sleeping, we tend to lie down on our hands, or place our legs in awkward positions, causing this blood deficiency. Once we wake up, we experience the above mentioned sensation in our arms or our feet, gone once the blood flows freely again. However, not all causes are as benign as the one just mentioned.

Underlying Causes of Pins and Needles in Feet

First of all, this sensation may be connected with several brain, heart or spinal cord diseases. Thus, those who are experiencing pins and needles chronically, may be suffering from multiple sclerosis, brain tumor, or a stroke.

Sometimes, cartilage located in our lower back may get dislocated. Then, it is in danger of rubbing onto some of our nerves, causing the pins and needles. This is called a slipped disk causing a pinched nerve.

Additionally, alcohol abuse or B12 deficiency may all cause our nerves to get exposed to inflammation, having this sensation as a side-effect. Also, some viral diseases may contribute to this nerve situation. Overstraining may be the reason behind nerve damage as well. Namely, those who do sports or are physically active on a daily basis, may push it too far, damaging the nerves in their feet by running, triggering pins, and needlessensation.

Finally, arthritis, diabetes, and numerous other diseases may be considered responsible for a chronic presence of this sensation in one's feet.

What Can Be Done?

The treatment involves removing the cause in order to remove the symptom. Since in most of the illnesses mentioned above pins and needles is a symptom, the condition needs to be treated in order for the sensation to disappear. If a healthy person is experiencing pins and needles, however, simple stretching will do. Once the blood is back and flowing, the sensation will cease.

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