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Most of us have, in some parts of ourlife, experienced waking up with a terrible numb pain in the neck orthe back, lasting for either a short period or even bothering us forseveral days. This pain is most likely caused by a pinched nervesomewhere in our body most likely in those troublesome spots.

Since nerves are means of communicationbetween our body and our brain any dysfunctions in this system causedisfunctions in our everyday functions.

How can a nerve be pinched and how doesit feel

Quite easily, by getting trapped byvarious tissues near it. Ligaments, cartilage, muscles and tendonscan all press a nerve causing this condition. Since nerves are spreadthroughout our body sometimes most often in our neck or back area they get trapped and cause us pain.

As far as symptoms are concerned, mostof us already know them from previous encounters. Numb or even sharppain in the neck or any other spot, often followed by a lack ofsensation it that area causing us to feel week and unable to functionproperly. Visible stiffness of the person suffering from thiscondition as well as uneasiness while doing everyday activities onlyadd on to the list of symptoms of a pinched nerve. Since, in ourbody, everything is connected, a pinched nerve in the neck oftencauses the above mentioned symptoms in our arms and shoulders.Equally a pinched nerve in our back causes uneasiness in our legsand lower abdomen area.

Symptoms with other body parts

Since a pinched nerve is not restrictedonly to the back and neck area of our body there are numerous otherparts of it where our nerve can get stuck. For example, a pinchednerve in our shoulders can cause symptoms all along our arms and evenin our fingertips. “Pins and needles” sensation may occur if theblood flow to this area is blocked by a pinched nerve pressing ontothe vein. Along with this sensation, a noticeable lack of flexibilityin our arms is also present. As an addition to the previouslymentioned pinched nerve in the spine area some symptoms of itstretch all the way to our feet. Same sensation as with fingertips ispresent along with the numbness while walking.

Is there a cure?

Most often the pinched nerve isreleased by itself or the changed positions in our body. Massage,relaxation and resting are often known to be helpful since strainingthe pinched nerve can only make things worse. Finally, is all elsefails and symptoms remain persistent throughout a longer period oftime one should consult with his or her doctor and get examined.

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