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Being fit today is something that will not only result inhaving a slim and attractive body, but will also result in having a very healthyorganism, which might easily deal with seasonal illnesses (cold or flu, forexample). When talking about physical fitness, it has to be pointed out that itis not easily achieved, and when it does happen, it still requires physicalactivity and certain eating regime for maintenance.


What are the components of physical fitness? Well, no extrafat is allowed. Being fit also means that there must be some muscles present forperforming physical activity. That activity can be mild, which means that it does not requireanything too strenuous. For example, stretching exercises are excellent, and in a combination with running, they can create a fit and slim body. Actually, all physicalactivities lead to the decrease of fat, since fat burning is used for creatingadditional energy required for the mentioned exercises. Being fit is also veryimportant for bodybuilders. Increased muscle mass simply cannot leave any spacefor fat, although bodybuilding is something a bit different because itrequires the use of supplements (read: money). Being fit without the increased musclemass does not require much money, only some time and dedication.

Diets and fitness

Why is dieting important? It seems that people tend to thinkthat dieting is actually starvation. This is not so, at least for some diets.Yes, there are diets that require eating very small amounts of food(carbohydrates), but those last for only a couple of days and might not bring thewanted results. True diets, the really effective one, must last for months withonly slightly decreased amount of food taken in. Of course, there must not be anyjunk food present and all basic nutrients must be covered. In this way, hungerwill not be present and pounds will be lost. True, that might be happening abit slowly but nevertheless, it will happen. And the point is that the lost pounds willnot return, which is often a case with short-term diets.

Mental state

Some will say that the most important component of physicalfitness is a healthy and strong mind. Without it, diets are not followedthrough completely, exercising has pauses, and sadly, junk food is present. And, itmight be true. Changing a lifestyle does require patience, strong spirit and alot of discipline and dedication, and we have to admit that not many of us possesthose qualities.

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