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Phlegm is the name for the thick and sticky mucus produced by the mucus membrane, which is a part of the respiratory system. Mucus is very important since it has several roles, but excessive production of mucus and the creation of phlegm can be quite an annoying condition.

Cilia are projections that resemble hair and that push the phlegm from the mucus membrane into the throat. When this phlegm is clear, it is not problematic and it serves to protect the organism from various pathogens or foreign particles that enter the body through the mouth or nose. On the other side, excessive yellow or green phlegm usually indicates that there is a health problem.

Causes of phlegm in throat

Phlegm in throat may appear only at night in some people. On the other hand, there are also people who have the problem with phlegm in the morning only. When it appears in the throat, it usually represents a symptom of certain acute or chronic respiratory disorder. In most cases, phlegm in the throat occurs due to allergies and some viral infections like the flu and common cold. Many people are allergic to certain substances or irritants, such as dust, for example. When it reaches the throat, the production of mucus is triggered in order to fight the foreign particles. Apart from phlegm, this excessive production of mucus also provokes the inflammation or swelling, which constricts the airways. It is very serious when the phlegm gets to the lung and obstructs the airways there.

Many infections of the lower respiratory system, such as acute bronchitis, influenza and pneumonia, as well as tonsillitis, laryngitis and pharyngitis, are also considered to be the causes of phlegm in the throat. Post nasal drip is a condition that is also responsible for the appearance of thick and sticky mucus in the throat, especially in people who get phlegm in throat in the morning. The mucus formed in the back of the nasal cavity accumulates in the throat during the night. Excessive smoking can also be a reason for the occurrence of phlegm in the throat. It usually leads to the inflammation of the throat, which further causes phlegm in the throat. Tuberculosis and lung cancer are two serious medical conditions, which also trigger the excessive production of mucus and its appearance in the throat.

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