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It is considered to be a pretty common problem for people to be suffering from phlegm in throat. Some people do not realize that it can be a serious problem in some cases and that is why it is important to be treated on time.

Symptoms of phlegm in throat

A person will know that he or she is suffering from phlegm in throat because of all the mucus in the throat. In many cases, phlegm in throat is just a symptom for some other disease. It is also one of the signs that the body is fighting against some infection. Even though this condition is not that painful it is pretty irritating and uncomfortable. Some people find it to be embarrassing as well because of all the clearing of the throat when they speak. However, people need not worry too much since there are lots of remedies that will cure this problem but people should first get to know the causes that lead to this condition.

Causes of phlegm in throat

In most cases of phlegm in throat, people need to know that it is a symptom of some other ailment. Mostly it is a sign of some infection or allergy and they are the cause of the forming of phlegm in throat. People need to know that phlegm is nothing more than a thick mass of mucus, usually greenish or brownish in color. This mucus is known to contain water and glycoprotein. Doctors are usually able to determine the actual cause of phlegm due to the color of it. The main cause of this condition is usually an infection of the upper respiratory tract. Acid reflux is another common cause of phlegm in throat. Chest cold can also lead to phlegm in throat. If a person’s phlegm is greenish or brownish in color, it is usually the case of bacterial pneumonia. In case of clear phlegm, a person is likely to be suffering from influenza. Apart from these causes, phlegm in throat can also occur due to asthma, tuberculosis, lung cancer and several others.

Remedies for phlegm in throat

In cases when the phlegm does not happen to a person alone and is accompanied by some other health problems like fever or headache, people need to go to the hospital in order for the actual cause to be determined. Gargle with salt water is considered to be the best remedy for this condition. This is because salt kills all the bacteria in the throat and clears the choked passage. Apart from this, people should drink lots of fluids in order to get rid of the phlegm. Drinking hot fluids is considered to be better. Inhaling the steam is also known to be helpful in this situation as well.

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