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Ringworms in children

When the ringworm infection appearsin children, the parents should know that this infection is cased by fungiand not by the ringworms. This infection may appear on the scalp in thechildren, but also on the whole body. The ringworm infection is manifestedthrough the outbreak of the red patches on the skin, which are circular with borders that are slightly raised.

This type of infection occurs in a small number of children worldwide, and it is observed that in most cases, therural children develop ringworm infection on the body, while the urban childrenusually suffer from scalp ringworm infection. The children can get affected eitherby a contact with the infected child or by the pets.

Types of ringworm infection

Since this infection may appear on manybody parts, there are four types of the ringworm infection.

Tinea corporis is the medical termfor the body ringworm infection, while tinea capitis is the medical name forthe scalp ringworm infection. When the ringworm infection occurs on the feet,it is called tinea pedis and Athlete’s foot a well. Furthermore, the ringworm infectioncan also appear in the groin region, when it is medically called tinea cruris.

As we have already described above,the red patches are the first sign of this type of infection. They are very itchyand thus, very uncomfortable. In case of scalp ringworm infection, thedandruff typically occur, as well as hair loss. Athlete’s foot usually causesitchy patches on the toes and mainly occurs in preteen children.

Remedies for scalp ringworminfection in children

The scalp ringworm infection istreated with certain medicines, but there are also some useful home remediesthat can help until the medicines start working. The medicines should be used alongwith milk or a meal and not with water or some other fluid. Since the patchesare itchy, the child usually scratches them, which is why it is important toprevent the child from scratching the patches by providing some kind of distraction. The parents should not buyover-the-counter antifungal medications if they are not recommenced by the doctor, since these medications may aggravate the condition. The body ringworm infection is alsotreated with oral medications. The infection stops being contagious after twodays and the parents should send their children to school, but not before inform the teachers about the present infection in their child.

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