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Information on Passion Flower Extract

An extract made from the passion flower can be used for theprevention and treatment of numerous different types of medical conditions andailments. Passion flower is also sometimes referred to by its botanical name,passiflora incarnate. Passion fruit originates is commonly grown in Europe,South America and south eastern regions of the United States. Passion flower iscommonly used as a decorative flower ever since the times when it wasdiscovered by the Spanish missionaries and explorers. It got its name because ofits strong resemblance to the crown of thorns which Christ wore during hiscrucifixion.

Passion flower is used worldwide by all those who believe that itmay help them in relieving and treating anxiety and insomnia. Its extract hasbeen used for its potent sedative properties in numerous different types ofalternative healing therapies. There are several studies that are yet toconfirm its supposedly remarkable impact on the central nervous system of thehuman body. The aerial parts of the passion flower need to be dried and crushedin order to produce the passion flower extract.

The extract contains numerousdifferent types of active ingredients and the most important ones areflavonoids, isoschaftoside, alkaloids, schaftoside, amino acids, isoorientin,cyanogenic glycosides, isovitexin, sterol, vitexin and saparin, but the mostimportant of them all is actually a mono flavonoid known by the name ofChrysin.

Health Benefits of Passion Flower Extract

The most important health benefit of the passion flowerextract is that it has very potent soothing and calming properties which cancome in very hand for all those who suffer from different types ofanxiety-related problems. It is very efficient in inducing a sound sleep andnormalizing the blood pressure of the circulatory system.

It is also known forits powerful antispasmodic qualities which come in very handy for all those whosuffer from numerous different types of muscle spasms. It is also very helpfulwhen it comes to preventing and treating various medical conditions andailments such as asthma, shingles, palpitations, sciatica, irregular heartbeat,neuralgia, high blood pressure and numerous different classes ofgastrointestinal disorders and problems. It is a natural tranquilizer and itreduces the activity of the brain cells very efficiently. It reduces the stressand helps in losing excess weight by boosting the metabolism.

Side Effects of Passion Flower Extract

One must be careful about the dosage, because an overdosemay induce sleepiness, swollen throat, nausea, swollen mouth, breathingproblems, itching, vomiting, hives, rapid heart rate, skin rash and wheezing.

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