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The Passion Flower isused in treatments of insomnia, nervousness and anxiety. But, opposite to itsbenefits in the treatments of these conditions, passion flower may cause someside effects that will be mentioned later in this text.

About passion flower

Another more popularname for passion flower is passiflora and it is a genus with over 500 ofspecies. The original home of passion flower is southeastern part of America,but now we can come across this plant in almost every part of the world. Plantsthat belong to this genus have large, beautiful flowers that are called passionflowers and they differ from other flowers by their one of a kind and richstructure. The color of the flowers is usually white, blue, yellow, purple ormagenta. The fruit of passion flower is in some cases eatable, while in othersisn’t. Its shape is round and it is not used in medical purposes. Parts of theplant that have been used even from ancient times are flowers along the leavesand the stem.

Benefits of PassionFlower

In vast number of cases,passion flower is used in the treatments of insomnia, anxiety and epilepsy. Itsadditional benefits are that it helps in the muscle tension reduction, and itseffect on the overall body. Due to its relaxation and calming effects, PassionFlower is also used frequently for treating hysteria and seizures. The featuresthat are characteristic for passion flower come from certain chemicals that arein the flower and their effect on our brain. Under the influence of passionflower, our brain relaxes and we feel better. Passion flower is also used inthe treatment of conditions that include asthma, attention deficit hyperactivitydisorder (ADHD), hypertension, anxiety, some heart conditions.

Side Effects

If you want to avoidpossible side effects that can occur, you should consume passion flowermoderately. If you take more than you should, then some side effects such as fatigue,feeling of sickness, vomiting and drowsiness may appear. Side effects thatappear due to passion flower when used simultaneously with other medicinesinclude a feeling of sleepiness and drowsiness, especially in the case whencombined with antidepressants. Passion flower can be connected toanticoagulants and antihistamines and it that case, side effects can appear dueto that other medicines. In case of antihistamines, drowsiness can appear as apossible side effect, while in case of anticoagulants bleeding may appear. Ifyou experience any of these side effects, you should immediately visit adoctor. Also, pregnant woman are not advised to use passion flower because itsimpact on a baby isn’t known yet.

Based on all thesefacts, we can conclude that passion flower may cause side effects when used alot and when used in combination with other medications. It would be the bestoption for you if you could talk to your doctor in advance, if you plan to usepassion flower in the treatment.

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