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Information on Lobelia Extract

Lobelia is a biennial herb characterized by a branched stem,light green leaves and spiky violet flowers. It also has small brown seeds. Itis also sometimes referred to by its botanical name of lobelia inflate. It originatesfrom the North America and it can be found Canada, Russia and the UnitedStates. It has been used for numerous medicinal purposes everywhere around theworld. Its leaves, flowers and seeds are used for the production of the lobeliaextract which is very efficient in preventing ear pain, diphtheria, whoopingcough and asthma.

Lobelia Extract Benefits

Lobelia extract is known for its numerous health benefitsand it can be used for the prevention and treatment of various types of medicalconditions and diseases. Lobelia extract contains an alkaloid known by the nameof lobeline. Lobeline has very potent expectorant properties and it is veryefficient in clearing the lungs and decreasing the desire for nicotine. That iswhy lobelia can be used as a very powerful stimulant and a smoking deterrent.Lobelia is very efficient in nourishing the respiratory system and aiding innumerous different types of breathing problems. It has very potent diaphoreticand anti asthmatic properties. Lobelia can also be very beneficial in promotingphysical and mental relaxation. Lobelia contains isobetanine which is anothertype of alkaloid. It is very efficient in relaxing the central nervous systemand enhancing the process of stopping the nicotine addiction. Lobelia extractcan also be applied to all the areas affected by sprains or bruises. Lobeliaextract can also come in very handy when it comes to prevention and treatmentof certain medical conditions such as fever, tonsillitis, ear pain, diphtheria,stiff neck, pneumonia, venereal diseases, infantile convulsions, spasmodicasthma, hysterical convulsions, whooping cough, membranous croup and spasmodiccroup.

Lobelia Extract Side Effects

One should always consult an herbalist or a professionalhealthcare provider before using lobelia extract in any form. It is ALSP advisable to always take it in suggested amounts in order to avoid any unwantedside effects. All side effects that can be associated with the lobelia extractusually occur due to over consumption. Side effects triggered by lobeliaextract overdoses may or may not include nausea, slow heart rate, dizziness,high blood pressure, heartburn, respiratory muscle paralysis, vomiting,respiratory depression, weakness, fainting, weak pulse and difficultybreathing. In some cases it may even be fatal as well. Children, pregnant womenand breastfeeding mothers should steer clear of lobelia extract.

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