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Information on Horsetail Extract

Horsetail extract is used by Native American Indians, Asianherbalists, Aboriginal tribes and Ayurveda for the treatment of numerousdifferent types of medical conditions and ailments. Horsetail plant isbotanically referred to as equisetum and it comes from the family ofEquisetaceae. Equus means horse in Latin, while seta means bristle.

There areover 15 different species of horsetail and the common one is used for theproduction of horsetail extract. Its botanical name is equisetum arvense. Theplant itself does not have any flowers or leaves and it only has an unbranchedstem with a hollow structure. The barren stems appear at the beginning ofsummer and they are used for the production of the extract.

The stems containlarge amounts of silicon. Horsetail extract can be prepared at home and itneeds to be kept in a glass jar. Horsetail extract is loaded with numerousbeneficial ingredients such as silica, flavonoids, manganese, tannins,aluminum, alkaloids, potassium, caffeic acids, saponins, phenolic acids andphytosterols.

It can be used in baths or it can be applied topically on theskin in order to treat different types of wounds or infections. It can beingested as an herbal tea or in the form of a powder. It is often an integralpart of numerous different types of skin care products.

Horsetail Extract Benefits

Horsetail extract is known for its potent astringent,antibacterial and antiseptic properties and that is why it comes in very handywhen it comes to prevention and treatment of numerous different types ofinfections, inflammatory conditions and ulcers. It also has very strongdiuretic and anti inflammatory qualities which can be of great help in treatingbladder disorders, heavy menstruation, kidney disorders, common colds,diarrhea, gout and influenza.

Horsetail extract can also be of great help forall those who suffer from different types of cardiovascular problems. It can beused for the prevention and treatment of certain medical conditions such asrheumatism, conjunctivitis, osteoporosis and arthritis. Horsetail extractenhances the production of collagen and promotes the elasticity and overallhealth and quality of skin.

It can also be used for the prevention andtreatment of edema, muscle cramps, water retention, swelling, nosebleeds andhemorrhages.

Other Information on Horsetail Extract

It is very beneficial for all those who need to enhance thegrowth of hair. It can also be associated with certain types of side effectssuch as thiamine deficiency, cold extremities, electrolyte imbalance, fever,low levels of potassium, vomiting, dermatitis, nausea, muscle weakness andabnormal heart rate.

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