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TeenagePlastic Surgery?

Thetopic of this article is the latest craze in plastic surgery, namely:teenage plastic surgery.

Ina culture where the media constantly focuses on the lives ofseemingly picture-perfect sex symbol celebrities, and teenage girlswith self-confidence issues, bra and waist sizes those of no frontpage face out there, it is no wonder the evidence of this – somewould dare say, disturbing – phenomenon is hitting us from allsides.

What'sworse is, the teenage kids (mostly girls) willing to go throughcosmetic surgery, seem to have all the support their parents canprovide.

Sowith this said, is it really that strange that there are so manycosmetic surgery reality shows out there with hardly-ever-18 girls astheir stars? It appears as though it is a most unfortunate, yetcurious, byproduct of the leisure industry – but are they reallythe ones to blame?

Toslice or not to slice?

Whenan 18 year old girl applies for an increase in breast size, all isfine and well. To some, it may seem distasteful and unnecessary, butshe is 18 and it is all within her own responsibility and legalrights.

Theproblem occurs when a 17-year-old who needs a written permission froma legal guardian applies for the same job. There are two problemswhich could surface at such a scenario. Number one is the fact that,it is after all, the parents who've granted Miss Little Insecure thepermission to slice up her immature, still developing body in orderto interfere with its own, unfinished development. The second problemis psychological. Teenagers tend to have fairly fragile andoversensitive psyches – it's just the way mother nature rollsduring the formative years – so the question of whether such a psyche is able to adopt to those drastic changes after the procedureis over is no small matter.

Peoplein favor of teenage cosmetic surgery argue that today's teenagers arefar more (psychologically) advanced, and thus more mature, than theirparents were at the same age. This consequentially leads to girlsthinking of how they're going to look in a prom dress, rather thanjust sitting in their rooms and eagerly expecting the prom.

Stitchingit Up

Conclusively,teenage plastic surgery is mostly about the parent-childrelationship. That is to say the decision hangs the heaviest upon theparents knowing of what the kid really wants – whether it be aflash of attention that will leave her regretting the decision formany years to come, or truly the desire to reshape her body usingcosmetic surgery.

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