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Almost every woman would like to get married and form a family some day. Getting pregnant is very important not only for a woman, but also for her partner, since they both want to have a healthy child and give him/her a good childhood and satisfying future. Therefore, it is essential to plan the family first. The woman must be prepared for pregnancy since it brings many discomforts. One of the most frequent questions that many women wanting a child would like to know is what the best age to conceive pregnancy is. They want to know it so as to deliver a healthy child and to carry out the pregnancy without many troubles.

Nevertheless, it is hard to answer this question since every woman is different and various issues should be considered before making the decision, such as the woman’s fertility, her overall health and stability in life, for example.

Teenage pregnancy

The number of pregnant teenage girls is in a steady increase every year. Only in America, half a million teenage girls stay pregnant every year. Isn’t it a little bit shocking to you? The teenage period is the worst period to get pregnant. It has been observed that teenage pregnancy often ends in a premature childbirth or child death at birth. The teenage mothers usually have various health complications during pregnancy, such as hypertension and anemia. They are not prepared not only physically, but also financially and emotionally to have a child. Since few teenage girls want to conceive pregnancy, they often behave carelessly and even smoke and drink during pregnancy.

Being a young mother

It is considered that the best years to get pregnant are between 18 and 25. In these years, women are physically best prepared to carry out pregnancy without many complications. Even though these years are best for having and raising the child, the biggest disadvantage of being a young mother refers to the relatively low financial resources, which they are likely to deal with at these years.

Being an older mother

Nowadays, the majority of women decides to start a family in their 30s since in those years they are emotionally and financially prepared to have and raise a child. The biggest problem, however, is that in the 30s the fertility rate is lower than in 20s and many women may face the problem to stay pregnant. Furthermore, older women may deal with many discomforts during pregnancy and the babies may be born with some health problems.

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