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Today, the cosmetic surgeries areextremely popular and this popularity is present throughout the world. Thisindustry is a very big one, and it is getting even bigger every year. Britainperformed more than 25 000 cosmetics procedures during the 2002, and thisnumber doubled in the 2005. It still keeps on jumping. Cosmetic surgeries areperformed on every part of the body, and they are performed even on feet.

We all know that women just lovethe shoes and they want to look the best they can while wearing them. Some maythink that foot cosmetic surgeries are important only to women who wear shoesor sandals which expose their feet. But this is not true. People show theirfeet more than one can imagine, and showing feet with problems in public can bevery serious. It can even be compared to a crooked nose. Everybody knows thatmany people with nose problems are afraid to socialize, and this can alsohappen to people with feet deformities. They can develop discomfort and fear ofrejection when they are on the beach, for example. If we have stated a fewreasons why these problems require attention, since they are certainly nottrivial. Pediatric, plastic or orthopedic surgeon can perform this surgery.There are a lot of differences between the cosmetic surgery and thereconstructive surgery, though many specialists are vague on the question whatis what. When an individual decides to do this procedure, the next step wouldbe to choose the best possible doctor. We have stated which specialists canperform the surgery, but it is up to you to decide. Whoever is that you chose,you have to be informed about his or her experience in foot surgery and surgeryin general, and you also have to see if the views and education of the chosensurgeon are up to date.

Pediatric surgeons may havebetter knowledge when it comes to the problems with deformities caused bybody's pressure. Being educated on the procedure is very important for thepatients as ell. Risks and side effects have to be known. Patients have torealize that, after the surgery, when the leg is straighter, even biggerproblems and discomfort may occur. We have to state that the reconstructiveoperations are considered to be those which are performed because of thepainful problem. However, bear in mind that the decision to perform and undergothis procedure is never simple. Emotional state and risk of inappropriate resultsare something every potential patient encounters. If you are reconsidering thisprocedure, seek the consultant's help. He shall present all the positive andnegative aspects of this operation, so it can help in making the finaldecision.

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