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The Relationship Parent-Teenager

Not only that parents have to cope with every day stress at work and worry if they will earn enough money to support their families, they also have to deal with numerous difficulties regarding their children. Being a teenager is not easy for both, parents and a teenager. All those physical and mental changes that occur during teenage period can be very traumatic. The conversation between parents and teenagers rarely helps because parents constantly nag about something and teenagers know what is best for them. So, it is no wonder how hard it is to establish healthy habits and proper hygiene in teenagers.

Some parents simply rely on the hope that their children will learn enough about hygiene on their own or from their peers. The problem lies in the fact that parents avoid discussing hygiene issues with their kids.

The Topics of Discussion

It is common knowledge that elementary school kids sometimes do not need to shower every day. Still once a person has become a teenager the increased production of hormone will lead to intensive perspiration and the body will require at least one shower a day. Mild soaps are recommendable and the body regions that require special attention include face, hands and feet. Underarms, groins and bottom need to be washed properly and it is best to be done more than once a day.

Due to hormonal discharge the hair of teenagers become greasy more easily. This problem can be solved by frequent washing with mild shampoos. It is essential to teach a teenager to use antiperspirants and deodorants. This is more effective in girls and boys also need to know that this will provide with the longer freshness during the day.

Kids also need to get familiar with a fact that after shower and usage of appropriate antiperspirant they need to wear clean clothes. Regular change of clothes counts so much as all the proper body hygiene will be ruined if one wears yesterday's shirt or socks.

Acne is a typical problem in teenagers. Adequate facial hygiene may reduce the intensity of acne. If acne do appear one should consult a doctor and he/she will be given proper solutions to fight this problem.

Boys will eventually start shaving and girls will start with hair removal from different parts of the body. Fathers should help the boys and give them some tips regarding shaving. Moms should take their girls to beauty saloons where they will see how the hair is removed and then they can apply the same methods at home.

Oral hygiene is something that will prevent oral cavity especially if one consumes too much sugar and sodas. Regular brushing and flossing need to be performed.

The majority of teenagers get confused with all the changes their body is going through. This is why parents have to be helpful and discus any possible problem a teenager has and is connected to their bodies. Do not be ashamed talking to your child as this will only help him/ her to cope with possible problems they are ashamed of.

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