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Panic attacks usually stem from traumatic experiences, even though this does not necessarily have to be the case. However, panic attacks do strike many people and, once they start occurring, they continue doing so quite often and without any reasons at all. Different people experience and react to panic attacks differently. Namely, some people may experience a panic attack suddenly, while sleeping or being awake, and it might disappear quickly. On the other hand, others might feel it coming, knowing when it is going to strike, possibly having difficulties getting out of a panic attack. These attacks mostly manifest through a sudden onset of fear, which interferes with one's breathing, causing difficulties and anomalies. Also, nausea, muscle pains, dizziness, pins and needles and many other sensations, some more dangerous than the others, can be present as well. All in all, suffering from panic attacks is not a situation to be neglected or ignored in any way. Rather, one should understand it and know how to prevent a panic attack once it strikes him or her.

Reasons behind Panic Attacks

This phenomenon is triggered by a certain irregularity in our body's anxiety regulation systems. Therefore, whenever exposed to stress, a person's organism gets more and more influenced by this state of affairs, reacting through panic attacks. However, there can be a total absence of stress factors and panic attacks may still be present.

What Can Be Done?

First of all, you might need to introduce several lifestyle changes into your everyday existence. Avoiding coffee, junk and high-fat food, as well as cigarettes and unhealthy carbohydrates might do the trick. Instead of eating or consuming these, you should concentrate on balancing your diet and eating four smaller meals daily, all rich in vitamins, minerals, healthy fat and other vital nutrients. This will make your organism function better, reducing chances of stress and, thereby, panic attacks.

Sleep comes next. Proper and sufficient sleep equals better life during the hours we spend awake. Thus, make sure you sleep for a minimum of 8 hours daily and allow your body to regenerate successfully this way. Exercising regularly may help your sleep too, therefore, it is a highly recommended activity to be applied in practice of all those who desire to avoid experiencing panic attacks.

Finally, since stress is the main cause of panic attacks, you want to reduce it to a minimum or, even better, remove it completely from your life. Thus, spend time next to people you like, doing things you like. If you do suffer from a panic attack, do not get frightened. Rather, relax and breathe slowly. Alternatively, you might opt for some panic attack regulating medications. However, make sure you consult with your doctor before taking these.

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