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Panic Attacks: What can be done about them?

Panicattacks are certainly one of the most unpleasant psychologicalreactions a person may experience. They may be en-crippling in waysunimaginable, and that's why health experts of the relevant fieldshave developed numerous techniques of dealing with suchinconveniences.

One of those iscalled: the Panic Away Programme

Firstoff, a panic attack may be described as the skipping of a heartbeat,which then leads to a far more intense pounding of the heart. Infact, the beat becomes so strong that it may lead to the sensationthat the epicenter of the pounding is actually rather located withingthe person's throat. This will in turn lead to a hot flash which maybe felt throughout the body and may also cause breathing difficulties– as if the person's airways were clogged or locked.

Thereis no way of preparing for a panic attack, since the trick itselfinvolves the person being caught off-guard. This also means that apanic attack is most likely to strike at the most inappropriate oftimes, such as while taking a stroll, dropping the kids off toschool, having a shower, mid-meeting, and everybody's favorite,whilst holding a presentation – all of which are reasons goodenough to learn how to prevent this slight inconveniences in advance.

Duringa panic attack, a person is most likely to be surrounded by people,which is also why the urge to get away from anyone and finding aquiet place to sit it off is an obvious one. Some may feel thisattack so strongly that they rush straight off to their doctors toget an instant check up – to which the doctor most likely to reactby prescribing "a rest" and no medication.

Thismeans that panic attacks cannot harm a person – medically –, butare still not a pleasant experience.

The Panic Awayprogramme: what does it do?

Thisprogramme was developed by Barry McDonagh, a man who himself hadfrequently suffered sever panic attacks. The techniques design wasmostly targeted at reduction of stress. The entire programme wasbased upon advanced cognitive psychology.

Oncethe techniques were developed, they were incorporated into a simpleprogramme which basically anyone could apply.

Panicattacks occur when the mental activity of the brain moves towards themid-region. In fact, they are a result of the human body's "fightor flight" defense mechanism. This is why merely taking a fewdeep breaths and resting it off just isn't good enough.

Oneof the tools of the Panic Away Programme is called the One Movetechnique. This allows a person to instantly eliminate the suddenrush of a panic attack, and consequentially get rid of the anxietyalmost immediately.

Inother words, Panic Away is a way of breaking the cycle of fear whichis so often at the core of each panic attack.

Conclusively,anyone suffering from panic attacks should most definitely look upthis programme to get deeper into its details, since, after all,doing it through this article would exceed its purpose.

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