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Anxiety or Panic AttacksCharacteristics

Anxiety or panic attacks are theproblems of many people around the globe. Being triggeredpredominantly by stress, even though there are many factors which cancause them, these reoccurring attacks can truly make one's life aliving hell since they can strike wherever and whenever. As for theattacks themselves, they manifest through sudden bouts ofextraordinary fear which makes one incapable of breathing correctly,coordinating his/her body movements, or think straight. All in all,it is quite an unwanted state. The worst thing is the lack ofconsistency with these attacks. Namely, while some people experienceanxiety attacks when exposed to phobias, other experience themrandomly. What is more, their randomness may influence their lengthand severity as well. Thus, you might suffer from a panic attack forseveral seconds, while the condition may trouble you for more thanhalf an hour next time. Thus you need to learn how to fight thesestrange, troublesome fits and enable yourself to live a peaceful andserene life.

How To Deal With Anxiety/Panic Attacks?

The first crucial thing is breathingdeeply. Once a panic attack strikes, you will start hyperventilating,which will trigger the lack of oxygen in your body and theoverwhelming presence of carbon dioxide. Then, in order tore-establish the balance, you need to calm down, and slowly increaseyour oxygen intake. This process will help you cope with panicattacks much better. As for the terrors which go hand-in-hand withthese attacks, you are best to divert your mind from thinking aboutanything troublesome. Rather, you should momentarily imaginesomething that calms you and makes you satisfied. You need to find atechnique which works for you, since, unless you do, the attacks willkeep coming.

Some people fight their panic attacksby lying in bed, closing their eyes and listening to soothing music.On the other hand, some people reduce their coffee or alcohol intakein order to stop these attacks from taking place. Either way, youneed to reorganize your lifestyle in order to remove or, at least,reduce the appearance of panic attacks in your life.

One thing is for sure, talking helps.You need to find a person to which you can open up and telleverything that bothers you and triggers your anxiety attacks. Then,you will feel the support of that person and you will be calmerand self-confident.

There are many counseling agencies,group therapies and other activities of this type which can help youthrough cooperation with people suffering from the same problem youdo. Finally, if all else fails, you might opt for some anti-anxietydrugs which your doctor can prescribe you.

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