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Panic attacks are among most common psychological problems nowadays, and they can affect anyone. This is only a common name for many different but yet similar manifestations of fear and terror associated with a lot of different causes. The most frequent causes are some underlying phobias, but, in the other cases, the panic attack can be provoked by an unknown cause. The sense of panic is usually followed by the feeling of being trapped in the body and not being able to move and fight back.

However, this kind of attacks can be the symptoms of some other psychological disorders such as for instance the anxiety problem (abnormal and overwhelming chronic sense of fear).

The following signs of panic attacks

In order to treat them, it is essentially important to understand the effect of the symptoms on the organism and thus being able to manipulate them. The most common and prominent symptoms are the shortness of breath and the other problems associated with inhalation and exhalation, the excessive sweating, the heart throbbing and the overall sense of restlessness. Also in some more severe cases of attacks one could feel faintness, the urge for vomiting, headache and even heart or nervous attack.


Fortunately, it is possible to deal successfully with this problem, although it is not easy at all. It is important to remember that the problem which caused the attack in the most of the cases isn’t real, and once the person realizes that he or she is in the half of the way of solving the problem.

Also, getting to know the possible cause of the panic attack, can successfully treat this condition, for example dealing with the underlying phobia can cure the problem. Another good thing to do is to consciously change the natural way of the attack’s development with drinking a glass of hot water, for instance. For some people singing something works just fine. So actually it is good to focus on something else.

Another good idea in the prevention of the future attack is to summarize all the similar stuff from the previous attacks. If there are a lot of similar things involved in the panic attacks they are probably the triggers of this condition. So the best advice is to avoid them or to bravely confront with them. This may be difficult because certain things cannot be easily avoided but one should remember that only the gradual overcoming of the problem, in this case, actually solves it in the long run.

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